What You Need to Know About Moving

Moving homes can be a daunting prospect, so you want to make sure that you are doing absolutely everything you can to make it easier. Including de-cluttering, packing, choosing how to move and what you need to check with the national moving companies.



Try to start packing your boxes as soon as you can, then there is no rush or cramming things into just any old box as it gets closer to the move deadline. It really is worth taking the time to firstly having a plan regarding how you’re going to pack e.g. putting similar items into the same box. Secondly make sure you label the box, so you can remember what is in it and is placed correctly in the new home for an easier experience when unpacking.

There is a general rule “when in doubt, throw it out”. Try to have a really good clean out of things that you don’t want or need instead of bringing it all along to clutter up your next home. If you have enough time you can try and sell it online or even try having a garage sale to earn a bit of cash while moving (it can be expensive at times), if you don’t have the time simply give it away to a charity shop. If it is beyond hope just throw it away

To move it yourself or hire someone?

This is the question should you move it yourself or hire a professional local/ national moving company. Move it yourself if you have both the muscle and the time, all you will need then is the transport. But you have to be careful when hiring a DIY truck, checking to see if it has any faults and just how much you have to pay for how long you need it for and if you get all of your security deposit back when you return it.

It is probably a lot easier to just hire one of the many local or national moving companies out there, at least then you only have to worry about getting all the information first. But remember there are things you have to look into with this method as well.

Things to check:

  • Their charging rate, whether it’s hourly or if they have a set cost regarding km or if it’s just a flat rate for days.
  • Additional charges regarding difficult access to the property or flights of stairs.
  • Check what insurance the moving company offers and what it covers.
  • Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Always check your precious goods before and after they are moved and make note verbally to the movers if there is anything wrong. You can also take pictures of you goods.

But just remember whether you move yourself of choose any of the many local or national moving companies, that you need to take care of yourself as well. Take time to relax, plan ahead and get as much help as you can get or afford to minimize damage on the most important thing of all. YOU!