Knowing Where to Buy Bee Pollen

I’ve never been very interested in the whole organic, holistic, green lifestyle; but my mother is extremely interested in losing weight in a healthy way. She tried to gain my attention and have me look into a non-synthetic way of living.

where to buy bee pollen new zealandHowever, I am a psychiatrist and trust my pharmaceuticals a little more than I should. Nonetheless, I do indulge her and help her obtain the odd object here and there; but when she asked me where to buy bee pollen I found myself dumbfounded.

Firstly, why would someone buy bee pollen? Isn’t that a bit of an odd item to purchase? Another question is how would you harvest bee pollen? I always thought it was honey and honey comb that was harvested from bees – when did bee pollen come into the mix? To answer my mother’s question of where to buy bee pollen I had to do some serious research.

I went online and did a Google search on where to buy bee pollen diet pills and I was gob smacked that this could be purchased in the local Holland and Barrett. I didn’t go there much, but I couldn’t believe something that I thought was unusual could be obtained so simply. In fact, I was quite incorrect in believing it was unusual as it is available both in retail stores and online quite readily.

I called my mother up and told her that the bee pollen was available online at different websites; or if she wanted to go to a store she could head to Holland and Barrett – there’s one down the road from her apartment. I also discovered that the bee pollen was not always pure bee pollen but could be bought in different supplements and products. There’s even a site that offers it in ‘super foods’!

buy bee pollen xtend life

Alright, so I’m still not sold on the organic living; but I’m certainly more interested in bee pollen.


The person above is new to learning about bee pollen. He or she wanted to help their mother to buy bee pollen. So he did some searching online and came up with a lot of information.

It seemed the biggest problem was where to buy the bee pollen. The best way to know where to purchase bee pollen is to buy it from someone who makes the most pure and potent bee pollen.

We think that someone is Xtend Life. Xtend Life gathers its pollen in New Zealand. New Zealand is a very clean place therefore the bee pollen they collect and process is especially clean and pure.